GPRO CM Student Resources

Chapter 4:  Trade Bid and Award: Incorporating Sustainability Strategies

CM Doc #4.1     Sample Environmental Standards – All trades.  3 pages (.pdf)

Chapter 5:  Mobilization

CM Doc #5.1     CAPP Plan Summary & Inspection Checklist. 4 pages (.pdf)

CM Doc #5.2     CWM Plan Summary & Sample Waste Reporting Forms. 4 pages (.pdf)

CM Doc #5.3      CIAQ Plan Summary & Inspection Checklist.  3 pages (.pdf)

Chapter 9:  Commissioning and Close-Out

CM Doc #9.2            Project Closeout Documentation Required. 1 page (.pdf)

Web Resources

  • Planet Reuse:  Find or share reclaimed materials in your jobsite.  Nationwide resources

Test Yourself Questions: Answer Key

CM Test Yourself Answer Key  9 pages (.pdf)

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